Karen Kozak, teacher

My philosophy

My first and foremost teaching philosophy is the belief that music is at the core of an
educational experience. Through music, I find myself teaching math with rhythm
reading, social studies by choosing songs that relate to a particular time period,
creativity with composing, and also promoting reading fluency. Music should not be
something that is “extra,” but something that glues the subjects together.
As a studio teacher, it is my main goal and philosophy to help my students become
exactly the musician they wish to be. Whether it’s studying classical repertoire,
bluegrass fiddling, jazz, or even popular music, I cater lessons to their abilities and
ambitions. My students have introductory training in many styles and practice sight
reading and improvisation in each lesson. The result is a well-rounded musician who
can also motivate oneself intrinsically, making them ready for anything they wish to

Interested in studying with Karen this summer?

I want each student to feel like they’ve found  good fit in a teacher.  Your introductory lesson will be scheduled for 60 min at half price – I’d like you to truly feel like I’m the right teacher for you!

Current students

By the wonders of the internet, I will be able to accept electronic payments for your lessons in the fall.